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RFID enabled Document and Asset tracking solutions
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Business case
RFID Technology Business Case Introduction:
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Managing a successful business requires the ability to make decisions based on empirical knowledge. The following model illustrates how data is transformed into knowledge that provides the wisdom for critical decision making.

At each stage of the transformation of data-to-wisdom there is a value added process that puts in context, filters and organises data until it becomes a sound basis for decision making.

RFID is a discrete automated data capture process that sits at the root of the knowledge value chain and delivers data to management information systems. Because RFID is a discrete process it can be deployed without impacting upon critical processes further upstream in the knowledge value chain.
The Opportunity 

What you don’t know can sometimes be as important as what you do know. For instance in the area of document management most businesses cannot accurately define the soft labour costs wasted on document retrieval. Also, if they can’t find a document, and they don’t know where it was last, it makes it even more costly to retrieve.

RFID technology has opened a window of opportunity for many businesses where it’s been difficult if not impossible to develop a value proposition based on a demonstrable ROI.

RFID is not a new technology but advances in the tag manufacturing process have reduced costs to a point where it can now be deployed in hitherto unconsidered contexts. It is not simply about replacing existing data capture systems; it opens doors to an array of new ones.

RFID solutions minimise risk, increase productivity, improve time to market and reduce costs. You’ll note from the breadth of industry applications detailed in our ‘RFID enabled software offerings form our partner Intensecomp’ that it is only a matter of time before the adoption of RFID technology becomes the norm rather than the exception.

RFID Technology Features:
RFID has unique features that distinguish it from other automated data capture technologies:
  • Line of sight is not necessary to capture the data.
  • Tags are robust and can be programmed to be tamper proof.
  • Tags can operate in environmentally challenging conditions.
  • In closed loop systems, the tags are re-useable.
  • Tags contain a unique identifier that cannot be reproduced.
  • Contactless data transfer.

RFID Technology Benefits:
  • Less time to gather data, because tags can be read simultaneously.
  • Costly paper based manual recording systems can be eliminated.
  • Transposition of data from paper-based recording systems to computer systems is eliminated.
  • Patterns of use and movement can assist in process flow re-engineering, providing an increased ROI.
  • Less risk of damaging fragile assets during the reading process.
  • Higher security.
  • Real time data delivery.
  • Procurement can be managed more cost effectively.
  • Real time analytics that enable time-critical decision making.
  • ‘Out of stocks’ of time sensitive products that are subject to deterioration will be significantly reduced, as orders for new products can be made well in advance of their use-by date.
  • Time-sensitive products can be used before the newer ones, thus minimising wastage.
  • Time-critical products can be moved to the point of need in advance of their use.
  • Data transaction times are reduced at POS through the use of contactless smart cards.
  • Enables self-service transactions.
RFID enabled software offerings from our partner Intensecomp.

Product Description Industry Application
DocuTrack 3000 Integrated hard and soft copy document management. Legal, Accounting, Libraries, Banking.
InvenTrack 3000 Product level tracking. Supply Chain Management.
InvenCheck 3000 Item Level tracking. Supply Chain, Retail, Asset Management, Emergency Services, Health Care, Art Galleries, Travelling Exhibitions and Presentations, Hire companies.
ChemTrack 3000 Chemical tracking. Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Paint, Research.
Personnel Track & Trace Personnel and item tracking. Security, Health Care, Mining, Hazardous environments.
InFlexTracker Field service tracking. ATM’s, Vending Machines, Critical OH&S environmental support systems.
Order Pro 3000 Sales and Order Tracking with integrated CRM. Fast Food outlets, Retail Chain Stores.

Starter Kits
If our out-of-the-box solutions don’t satisfy your requirements, we also offer SDK’s for 125MHz, and 13.56 MHz Beginners and Advanced kits that enable you to develop your own proof-of-concept applications that can be further developed into production systems.

Consultancy At Docuspace

We work with you to ensure rapid, best-of-breed project integration and deployment. All of our software products enable you to reduce risk and increase efficiency by harnessing the power of RFID technology. The outcome is robust and accurate tracking systems that reduce costs and increase productivity, traceability and accountability.Primary Consultancy Services include:
  • RFID Application Integration.
  • Business Process Analysis.
  • Business Process Re-engineering.
  • Quality System development.
  • Document Security.
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