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RFID enabled Document and Asset tracking solutions
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Mid-Range Reader USB Driver
USB Driver for Mid-Range reader.

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InRFID Ctrl Runtime Redistributable Files
  Redistributable runtime files for InRFID Beginner's Kit.
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Desktop USB2.0 RFID Reader Driver

USB Driver for Desktop RFID reader. This driver supports Win2K and WinXP.
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Free Software:
InContact SMS Lite Edition
Send and receive SMS messages using InContact SMS easily. This ready to use application is compatible with a broad range of mobile phones through infra-red port or GSM modems available in the market. Don't hesitate to contact us now to find out more.
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Update File: 15 Oct 2004. Click here to download 

Terminal 1.3.1
Latest Update 26 April 2003
A terminal emulation software replaces hyper terminal. It can display ASCII/HEX in one click. Easy to use and no installation required. Supports all Windows platforms.
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TagGen 1.0
A tag generator for building web.xml in Tomcat application server. This application is a test program for JSP based application development. Supports all Windows platforms.
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